Living in Between

Sorry for the lapse in writing, and thanks to those who kindly reached out wondering what’s going on. You’ll be hearing more about all of it in the near future, but suffice to say we’ve had quite a lot of hubbub around here, and I’ll get back to regular posting as soon as we can get it all sorted.

Renaming and relocating the blog was a very conscious decision. Our old blog, The Purple House, was named for the house I’ve lived in happily for the past 12 years—the same house we’ve been trying to sell for the past year-and-a-half. I am ready to move on.



Trying to sell is frustrating. I work for local government along with 4000+ other employees, and complete strangers will ask me if my house has sold yet—they’ve been seeing my listing on the employees’ for-sale mailing list for over a year. Friends and family are always reminding me and Damon that the market is turning around. My response is generally some variation of, “I’ll believe it when our house sells.”

Damon is doing a crazy commute now, and telecommuting is not an option for him. With his erratic schedule, we really want to live closer so we can see more of each other. Beyond that and the obvious space issue of another kiddo on the way, I’m just plain weary of living in-between.

I’m tired of conversations peppered with the phrase “after our house sells,” dreams deferred until “once we find a new place,” ideas shot down because “we’re trying to sell.” We’ve looked into rental and rent-to-own options, both of which would tie us up financially and credit-wise and carry obvious and inherent risks of their own. Not appealing.

I’m ready to move on. I’m ready to unpack somewhere else. I want to be one step closer to settling down permanently with our family, to getting Oscar those chickens I’ve been promising him since before he was born, to plant a new herb garden and vegetable plots and perennials, to put down our roots. Once step closer to coming home.

In between here and there, we’ll need to rent, to get to know the prospective area, take our time, but getting out of this house will still bring us one big step closer, nonetheless.  That, and I have no desire to be moving when I’m eight months pregnant. None whatsoever.

So we’re moving this summer, biting the bullet and just paying double mortgage/rent until the house sells. Damon has been a real trooper with his commute, but it’s been exhausting for both of us. I want us to be closer. If it means Oscar and I (and baby-to-be) see Damon for even just one more hour each day, well, that’s worth it to me.

I’m hoping and praying that we’ll get some clarity in the next week or two, but in the meantime, if you pray or meditate or wish or think really hard or direct your energy or whatever, please send us some good house-selling energy. We’ll be relisting it (hopefully) next week. Wish us luck!

Thanks, y’all.