Versatile Blogger Award

The Versatile Blogger Award

The Versatile Blogger Award

Big, big thanks to my pal Valerie at Atlanta Mom of Three for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. As an aside, I’ve been particularly enjoying Valerie’s recent posts on homeschooling—one of many options we’re starting to wade through as we look to our kids’ education down the road. No idea yet what we’re going to do. It’s a daunting topic, but Valerie makes her family’s choice seem very approachable and not as intimidating as I previously imagined.

I have been instructed to share some random facts about me that you may not already know. Here goes:

  1. I love musicals. No seriously, I LOVE musicals. Song and dance make everything better. And Doctor Who makes everything better as well.
  2. I used to be a performer—music, theatre, etc.
  3. My only trip out of the country, so far, has been to study in Jerusalem and Jordan the summer of my eighteenth year. My fellow students were a mix of American and Palestinian teenagers. It was an incredible experience. I learned so much that I never expected to learn.
  4. I hate waiting tables. I never want to wait tables again. Ever.
  5. My favorite drink right now is what my hubby and I call a preggertini: ¾ mineral water to ¼ juice (no sugar added). It is the best pick-me-up.
  6. The first gift Damon ever gave me was a vitex plant. It made me cry. It’s so beautiful, and it will be hard to leave it behind when we move…
  7.  My favorite cookbooks in the world are both beautiful and well-written, can be read like a novel, pages turned, pictures ogled like a tawdry magazine spread. Doing a fave cookbook list would be too long, but my favorite cookbook authors are hands-down Shauna James Ahern and Yotam Ottolenghi. Makes me weak in the knees.

In turn, I am nominating the following for the Versatile Blogger Award:

Pint-Sized Pioneering – My pal Jenn’s blog about homesteading in the city. Her DIYs are very practical and easy to follow, and her sense of humor can’t be beaten.

Les Recettes du Panier – I’m a new follower of this blog which focuses on fresh, in-season recipes. I love that the recipes appear in both French and English, allowing me to practice a little bit, my French having grown quite rusty.

Better Bites – Samantha’s recipes are amazing and wholesome. Samantha seems pretty amazing a wholesome, too, now that I think of it…

Purple Front Porch Photography – My superhero pal Anna’s photoblog. Technically, this is for her business, but the variety and personality of her photographs just inspire me. You’ll see.

Forcing the Bloom – Also a mother, this blogger’s baby boy is very close in age to Oscar, and I love reading how she’s seeing the world through the lens of motherhood. Read her bio—I love the reason she chose this title for her blog. Yes.

To accept the award, just copy the above image in an acceptance post, share some random facts about yourself, and nominate some other great blogs!

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  1. Congrats!!! Lovely blog!

  2. Valerie

     /  May 8, 2013

    I love Forcing the Bloom’s blog too! 🙂 I’m glad you’re enjoying the homeschooling posts I’ve started writing. Where did you wait tables? lol I think you must still be tired from it from the emotion I picked up on there!! 😉

  3. lesrecettesdupanier

     /  May 11, 2013

    Congratulations and many thanks for nominating me! 🙂

    Bises, Anne.


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