We’ve Moved!

Welcome to our new blog, HomeBecoming! Expect to continue to see design tweaks/changes over the next few weeks, as finding time to work on this is a piecemeal affair, but for the time being: we’re in business! All the old blog posts/recipes from our original site have been moved here, so nothing has been lost.

Why did we decide to move? I created our old site, The Purple House, long before I ever met Damon. Now we have a family and are trying to sell our house and relocate – so we are ready to move on!

We chose HomeBecoming because it reflects where we are in our life – ready to put down more permanent roots for our family – and celebrating the home that we have with each other. It also reflects my personal desire to be more present and mindful each day. And finally, it describes the focus of our blog. Our passions and interests are centered around the home. We’ll still be writing about food, but also about our family, parenting, and anything else about which we’re currently fired up and hurling superlatives.

So welcome to our new home!

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