"Moo" Part Two

Sunshine & me - I'm the milky white one :)

Took a lovely drive this morning, as promised in my previous post, out to Avery’s Branch Farm to see the operation and most importantly, to meet Sunshine. Spending a sunny July morning in peaceful rumination, I am proud to say that she was quite a gracious hostess.

Located south of Richmond in the county of Amelia, Avery’s Branch is a family-run farm focused on raising all-natural meat, dairy, and produce. Though not certified organic (a lot of hoops through which to jump), the farm uses sustainable and organic methods to ensure the highest quality of life for their animals. Their dairy cows are predominantly Jerseys and are grass-fed in rotating pastures. An assortment of chickens are similarly rotated and grass-fed (and bug-fed, and whatever-else-they-can-get-their-beak-on-fed). Throw in a few pigs, a smattering of adorable feline rodent control agents, and one enthusiastic lab/pitbull mix named Sammy, and you’ve pretty much got a complete menagerie. Farm products include pork and chicken, eggs, raw milk and dairy products, as well as fruits and vegetables and fresh-baked goods; most of which I can vouch for as being absatively dee-lish.

If you don’t live near Richmond but would still like to find a farm to support in your area, visit Local Harvest, a site replete with information on farms nationwide, what they produce, regional CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture), farmers markets, an online store, and tons of information.

Happy eating, lovelies! And by the way, Sunshine says, “Moo.”


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